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Wire Rods

Wire Rods

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One kind of semi-finished long steel product made by hot rolling billets on continuously rolling machines is called wire rod steel. Its circular cross-section and coil-wound structure are its defining features. A wide variety of commodities may be found in wire rods; depending on their chemical makeup, they can be classified as mild steel, special steel, welding rod, and wire rod with a medium or high carbon content.

Techinque:Hot rolled 
Specification:  Φ5.5~Φ16mm

Low Carbon for DrawingQ195~Q235 SAE1006~SAE1022 SAE1006B~SAE1022B SAE1006+Cr(B)~SAE1022+Cr(B)Cold-rolled ribbed steel bar, welded steel bar mesh, cold forming parts, all kinds of wire mesh, nail making and construction
Wire for DrawingH08A H08C H08E SWRY11-B EM12K-B H08MnA H10Mn2 H10MnSi ER50-6 ER70S-6 TH550-NQ-Ⅱ TH550-NQ-ⅢElectrode and CO2 gas shielded welding wire, argon arc welding wire, submerged arc welding wire
High carbon steel hard wire45#~80# SWRH42A(+Cr)~SWRH72A(+Cr) SWRH42B(+Cr)~SWRH72B (+Cr)Steel nail, wire rope, steel cable, hose steel wire, tire wire, spring steel wire


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